• We just built a brand new home and naturally needed to decorate our living space.  When I came across Sea Star Cove on Dearborn St, in Englewood, they had the most gorgeous pieces on the show floor.  The owner, Connie, not only helped us pick out a few pieces for our living room, but she also helped us re-imagine what our home could look like!  We will definitely be going back to Sea Star Cove.
    Eric and Amy

Be Unique
with Sea Star Cove Decor

We draw inspiration from local wood materials and elements to bring you the finest products of home decor on the market. Every piece of wood and materials we use have a unique story, making the end product just as unique as you. Each of our handmade products are unique, meaning you will never find two of the same handmade pieces in our store. We invite you to visit our store, to see how our unique decor pieces can inspire the spirit of your home.